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Each piece of furniture is made by Herbert Näf with great attention to detail and brings with his "finschliff" (fine touch) new life into old but beautiful wood. This lumber wood, which comes from the Netherlands, has withstood wind and weather and brings an incomparable patina, which is largely weatherproof and unique by itself.

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Herbert Naf

Seit 2012 verschiedene Projekte als selbständiger Schreiner

Seit Januar 2023 Aufbau eines Ferienhauses im Süden Frankreichs (  

1992 graduation as a furniture maker (EFZ)

Further education as:
- Carpenter-machinist

- Apprentice trainer

- Instructor

- Examination expert canton Zug, Switzerland

- graduate technician HF business processes TEKO

- Stay abroad as a carpenter at a husky farm in Muonio, Finland


2011 graduation as social pedagogue HSL Lucerne

Further training as:

- Systemic - solution-oriented case management

- Practice trainer HF

- CAS social pedagogical family support

- certified outdoor guide

- Various activities as a social pedagogue in the youth sector, team leader, work coach


Various projects as a freelance carpenter since 2012


Spending time in nature, traveling with my VW-bus, flair for the north of Europe, 

sports activities such as running, biking, ski tours and alpine skiing.


Happy in a relationship with Catherine Bakker (

Since January 2023: construction of a vacation home in the south of France (  

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